A bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide. Useful for cleaning wounds.
In-game description

Antiseptic can be used to fight infection risk in wounds from, for example, an attack by a bear or wolf.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Antiseptic bottles are most commonly found in first aid kits and medical cabinets, although there is a slight chance for them to be collected from most containers. They may also occur in the open (e.g., on shelves). A full bottle contains around 0.50 L of fluid, which is enough for 5 treatments of the infection risk associated with bleeding.

Use[edit | edit source]

Antiseptic is usable through either the Radial Menu Medic tab or the inventory, but only when an infection risk affliction is present. A one-time treatment seriously reduces infection risk; after using antiseptic on all wounds, infection is almost guaranteed to bypass player unless any wounds are untreated for many hours.

  • Old man's beard wound dressing is an alternative to antiseptic.
  • Infection risk takes a few hours to progress to actual infection. As long as one takes care to have accessible antiseptic nearby, one need not always carry antiseptic on one's person, instead retrieving and using it casually when the need presents.
  • Condition does not affect effectiveness.
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