A bottle of Antibiotics. Take it to stop infections from spreading.
In-game description

Antibiotics are first aid item in The Long Dark.

Overview [edit | edit source]

A single dose (2 pills) of Antibiotics can be used to treat a number of different Afflictions: Infection, Intestinal Parasites, Food Poisoning, and Dysentery. A single pill cannot be used, since a full dose is two pills. Therefore, it is best to carry the item in pairs.

  • Antibiotics are a finite and non-renewable resource, and cannot be crafted or harvested. However Reishi Tea which is crafted (but also finite) serves the same function as one dose of Antibiotics.
  • Antibiotics deteriorate their condition over time indoors and outdoors, and will disappear when Ruined (0% condition) if inside of a container. Therefore it is best to leave low condition or ruined Antibiotics outside of containers before they are destroyed.
  • Food Poisoning is the only Affiction treatable by Antibiotics which does not require treatment, and will pass on it's own accord after 12-24 hours. However Infections, Intestinal Parasites, and Dysentery are all fatal if not treated.
  • Since Food Poisoning can be largely avoided by not eating low condition foods until a Cooking Skill of 5, and Dysentery can be completely avoided by boiling water and using Water Purification Tablets, Antibiotics and Reishi Tea are primarily useful for treating Infections and Intestinal Parasites.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Antibiotics are prescription-grade pills derived from penicillin.
  • Antibiotics in The Long Dark are labeled "Pharmacillin," a reference to the real-world antibiotic penicillin.
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