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Afflictions are mostly temporary conditions that affect the player's ability to survive. Afflictions can be acquired by the player through gameplay, and any current active afflictions can be viewed in the status menu. There are two types of afflictions: positive, indicated by a green status icon, and negative, indicated by a red status icon.

Positive afflictions Edit

Positive afflictions are temporary buffs that help fill a need or otherwise benefit the player. Positive afflictions are gained by consuming certain hot foods or drinks, or by avoiding starvation. There are currently seven types of positive afflictions.

Image Affliction Cause Effect Duration
Warming up icon Warming up Consuming hot food/drinks Two hours
Improved rest icon Improved rest Drinking herbal tea
  • Condition gain while sleeping is increased by 2% (1% for Interloper) per hour
Six hours
Fatigue reduced icon Fatigue reduced Drinking coffee or energy drink
  • Fatigue is immediately reduced by approximately 10%.
  • Fatigue decay is slowed.
  • Calorie burn from sprinting is halved. 

One hour (coffee)

45 minutes (energy drink)

No picture Wildlife deterring effect Consuming pumpkin pie
  • Wolves run away from the player.
Six hours
Well fed icon Well Fed

Avoiding starvation for 72 hours

  • Increases condition by 5%
  • Increases carrying capacity by 5kg (11lbs).

Until starving

Energy boost img-TLD Wiki Energy boost Drinking energy drink

30 minutes

Restore Condition
Restore Condition Drinking Birch bark tea
  • Condition recovers an additional 1% per hour
5 hours

Negative afflictions Edit

Negative afflictions cause condition loss and/or otherwise impede the player. Most negative afflictions are treatable, however, treatments require one or more doses to cure an affliction, and treatments are mostly affliction-specific (e.g., taking antibiotics only cures certain acquired illnesses; it cannot prevent infection from an animal bite or parasites). There are 16 types of negative afflictions, which can be sorted into two categories: injuries and diseases.

Injuries Edit

Injuries are caused by falling, animal attacks, or exposure to the elements. Most occur immediately, with the exception of frostbite which occurs when the risk reaches 100%, and sprains which are random occurences triggered by walking on uneven terrain, with encumberance increasing the risk. 

Image Affliction Cause Effect Duration
Blood loss icon Blood loss

Struggles, falling 

  • Condition reduced by 30% per hour
Until treatment
Broken ribs icon Broken ribs Moose struggles
  • Stamina reduced by 50%
  • Carrying capacity reduced by 25%
Until treatment
Bruising icon Bruising

Struggles & near escapes, falling

  • Condition is reduced by 5%
Immediate effect
Burns icon Burns Walking over a lit campfire or live wires during an Aurora
  • Maximum condition reduced by 25%
30 hours or until treatment
Frostbite icon Frostbite Having a bodypart exposed or in contact with frozen clothing
  • Maximum condition reduced by 10%
Lacerations icon Laceration Struggles & near escapes, falling
  • Condition is reduced by 20%
Immediate effect
Sprained ankle icon Sprained ankle Falling, walking in uneven terrain, struggles
  • Sprinting is not possible
Four hours of rest or until treatment
Sprained wrist icon Sprained wrist Falling, walking in uneven terrain, struggles

Two hours of rest or until treatment

Pain Pain Falling, sprains, struggles
  • Blurred vision, distorted sounds

Four hours

Diseases Edit

Diseases are often contracted through consumables, though this isn't always the case. Most diseases require some form of treatment, though some will pass over time. Players are able to view the percentage of any existing risk of disease in the status menu. This risk may cause disease either by reaching 100% or through a dice roll based on the current risk percentage at a certain point in time.  Actions that increase risk of disease include drinking unsafe water, consuming raw, spoiled, or predator-based food, and spending too much time indoors. Players must be aware of these risks and how to manage them in order to avoid the diseases they may cause. 

Image Affliction Cause Effect Duration
Cabin fever icon Cabin fever

Spending the majority of 6 days indoors

  • The player cannot rest indoors for 24 hours
Until treated
Dysentery icon Dysentery Drinking unsafe water  
  • Condition cannot be restored by sleep
  • Condition is reduced by 4% per hour
  • Thirst bar empties rapidly
Until treated
Food poisoning icon Food poisoning Eating spoiled food
  • Condition cannot be restored
  • Condition is reduced by 85% over the course of 12 - 24 hours
12 - 24 hours or until treated
Hypothermia icon Hypothermia Freezing for an extended period of time
  • All condition loss from freezing is doubled
  • Fatigue is lost at twice the normal rate
Until treated
Infection icon Infection Sustaining blood loss
  • Condition is reduced by 5% per hour
  • Increase in fatigue gained while performing actions
Until treated
Intestinal parasites icon Intestinal parasites  Consuming bear or wolf meat
  • Condition is reduced by 2% per day
  • Maximum fatigue is reduced by 2% per day

Until treated

Headaches img-TLD Wiki


Drinking energy drink
  • You can have shots of pain which blurs your vision

Around four hours

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