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Afflictions are mostly temporary conditions that affect the player's ability to survive.


Afflictions can be acquired by the player through gameplay, and any current active afflictions can be viewed in the menu.

There are two types of afflictions. Positive afflictions, referred to in-game as Benefits, confer favorable effects and are identifiable by a green status icon; negative afflictions, referred to simply as Afflictions, inflict harmful effects and are represented by a red status icon.


Benefits are temporary status effects that heal lost Condition or provide positive effects to the player. They are gained by consuming certain foods or drinks (in some cases, the consumable must be hot), wearing specific accessories, or by avoiding starvation.

There are currently seven different Benefits.

Image Affliction Cause Effect Duration
Energy boost icon.png Energy Boost Consume Go! Energy drink, or emergency stim

30 minutes (Energy drink)

15 minutes (Emergency stim)

Fatigue reduced icon.png Fatigue Reduced Consume Cup of Coffee or Go! Energy drink

1 hour (Coffee)

45 minutes (Energy drink)

15 minutes (Emergency stim)

Improved rest icon.png Improved Rest Consume Cup of Herbal Tea 6 hours of sleep


12 hours

Restore Condition icon.png Restore Condition Consume Birch bark tea 5 hours
Sure Footing.png Sure Footing Wearing Crampons
  • Less frequent sprains
  • Climb mountaineering ropes faster
  • Weak ice more forgiving
While wearing Crampons
Warming up icon.png Warming Up Consume hot food/drinks 2 hours
Well fed icon.png Well Fed

Calories must not hit 0 for at least 72 hours

  • +5% maximum Condition (for 105% total maximum)
  • Increases carrying capacity by 5kg (11lbs).

Until starving

No picture.png Wildlife deterring effect Consume Pumpkin pie 6 hours
Armoured icon.png
Armoured Equipped Ballistic Vest
  • You're armoured up. Wearing the Ballistic Vest gives you outstanding physical Protection.
While wearing the Ballistic Vest


Afflictions are temporary or permanent status effects that cause Condition loss or detrimental effects to the player. Most afflictions are treatable, however treatments may require multiple doses (and time between each dose) to cure. Treatments are mostly affliction-specific, and when taken must be selected to treat affliction for their effect.

There are 16 different afflictions, which can be sorted into two categories: injuries and diseases.


Injuries are caused by falling, animal struggles, exposure to the elements, and steep terrain. Most occur immediately, with the exception of frostbite, which is permanent and occurs after its precursor affliction "frostbite risk" reaches 100%.

Image Affliction Cause Effect Duration Treatment
Aff anxiety.png Anxiety Being within 200m (~656 feet) of the Darkwalker
  • Sleep and Pass Time is disabled, unless also in an active ward glyph's area of effect.
Permanent Moving further than 200m from The Darkwalker
Blood loss icon.png Blood loss

Struggles with wolf or bear, timberwolf attacks, and falling

Until treatment Bandage
Broken ribs icon.png Broken ribs Struggles with moose
  • -50% Maximum stamina
  • -25% Carrying capacity
  • Note: Additional applications of broken ribs do not stack effect, but last longer (120 hours, 168, 216, etc).
Until treatment 2 bandages + 4 painkillers (or 2 rose hip tea) and 5 days (120 hours) of sleep.
Bruising icon.png Bruising

Struggles with wildlife, falling

Immediate effect Status effect disappears shortly after injury.
Burns icon.png Burns Walking over a lit campfire or electrified wires during an aurora
  • Maximum Condition set to 75%.
  • Note: When burned all Condition above 75% is lost immediately.
  • Note2: In addition to burns, contact with fires/electrified wires causes constant and rapid Condition loss
30 hours or until treatment Bandage + 2 painkillers (or 1 rose hip tea)
Fear icon.png Fear Being less than 50m (~164 feet) from The Darkwalker Permanent Moving further than 50m from The Darkwalker
Frostbite icon.png Frostbite Frostbite risk reaches 100%. (body part exposed to sustained 0°C or colder temperatures (head, hands, feet etc), or bodypart is wearing frozen clothing) Permanent N/A
Lacerations icon.png Laceration Struggles with wildlife, falling Immediate effect Status effect disappears shortly after injury.
Pain.png Pain Struggles with wildlife, falling, sprains
  • Blurred vision, distorted sounds

Four hours or until treatment

2 Painkillers or 1 rose hip tea
Sprained ankle icon.png Sprained ankle Struggles with wildlife, falling, walking uneven or steep terrain (increased chance below 50% Fatigue, or when encumbered) Four hours of rest or until treatment Bandage

or 4 hours of Sleep

Sprained wrist icon.png Sprained wrist Struggles with wildlife, falling, walking uneven or steep terrain (increased chance below 50% Fatigue, or when encumbered)

Two hours of rest or until treatment

Bandage or 2 hours of sleep
64x Suffocation Being inside polluted air. Currently only located on floor 3 of the Last Prospect mine.
  • Deteriorating vision, loss of hearing.
  • Death after the timer reaches 0
Length of the timer (~45 real life seconds) Exit the polluted air


Diseases are contracted through consuming unsafe foods or other effects. Most diseases require some form of treatment, though some will pass over time. Players are able to view the percentage of any existing risk of disease in the Status Menu. This risk may cause disease either by reaching 100% or through a dice roll based on the current risk percentage at a certain point in time.  Actions that increase risk of disease include drinking unsafe water, consuming raw, spoiled, or predator-based food, and spending too much time indoors. Players must be aware of these risks and how to manage them in order to avoid the diseases they may cause. 

Image Affliction Cause Effect Duration Treatment
Cabin fever icon.png Cabin Fever

Spending more than 113 hours indoors over the last 6 days (daily average of 18.83 hours).

  • Cannot Sleep indoors for 24 hours
Until treated Spending time outside
Dysentery icon.png Dysentery Drinking unsafe water   Until treated 2 antibiotics (or 1 reishi tea) and 2.0 L potable water and 10 hours of sleep.
Food poisoning icon.png Food Poisoning Eating raw meat or spoiled food.
  • Condition above 15% of maximum cannot be restored.
  • -85% Condition over 12-24 hours (will not reduce Condition below 15% maximum).
  • Note: most food poisoning sources become safe at 5 Cooking Skill.
12 - 24 hours or until treated 2 Antibiotics (or 1 reishi tea) and 10 hours of sleep

or waiting 12-24 hours.

Headaches img-TLD Wiki.png


Drinking energy drink
  • Vision is blurred

20 minutes

Hypothermia icon.png Hypothermia Freezing for an extended period of time
  • Condition loss from Freezing is doubled (-20% Condition per hour, increased to -40% per hour).
  • Fatigue is lost at 200% rate.
Until treated Affliction heals while Warmth is above 0% (not "Freezing") until cured (6 hours on Pilgrim, 12 on Voyageur, 18 on Stalker, and 24 on Interloper)
  • Note: While hypothermic, Freezing again (0% Warmth) will fully reset the timer to maximum.
Infection icon.png Infection Blood loss from a struggle with wildlife Until treated 2 Antibiotics (or 1 reishi tea) and 8 hours of sleep.
Intestinal parasites icon.png Intestinal Parasites  Consuming bear or wolf meat (on Stalker or Interloper mode)

Until treated

2 Antibiotics (or 1 reishi tea) and 10 days (240 hours) of sleep on Stalker; 20 days (480 hours) of sleep on Interloper.