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• 9/21/2017

Combine the four fish articles?

Smallmouth bass, Coho salmon, Lake whitefish, and Rainbow trout, all have nearly identical information that applies very generally to all fish. I think a "Fish" article which had all that information in one place, then a separate section on each fish (or a table) to compare the various weights, calories, difficulty catching, and list the description of each fish would be a lot more convenient. Plus, you could just link to [[Fish]] like someone tried to do in Lantern fuel.
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• 9/21/2017
If no one replies by the time I get home from work tomorrow (about 36 hours from now) I'm going to go ahead and do it, turning the existing fish articles into redirects. Let me know if you disagree. :)
• 9/21/2017
Alternatively, you could combine the (raw) and (cooked) versions of each fish. Then there would be only 4 fish pages instead of 8. General "Fish" information and comparisons could either be
1) put into the [[Fishing]] page as that somewhat already fills the purpose of a hub for everything fish related (and create a page [[Fish]] to redirect to the appropriate subsection in [[Fishing]])
2) or like you said, put it in a new [[Fish]] page.

I like your idea and see nothing wrong with it, I just wanted to throw this out there too.

Combining the (raw) and (cooked) pages should probably also be done at some point for all of the meats, including wolf, deer, rabbit, bear. Possibly Water (potable) and Water (unsafe) should be combined as well.
This format is already in use for all the items in [[Category:Materials]] such as Maple sapling (green) and (cured), Black bear hide (fresh) and (cured), etc, and that seems to work well.
• 9/22/2017
I think:

"Smallmouth Bass" should be only just one page as Velonews said. One page should explain the raw AND cooked parts. In that case, "Smallmouth Bass" has raw and cooked, separated pages at this time. If we merge them together, we should name them just as "Smallmouth Bass" and have the raw part explained first and then the cooked part.

The same goes to Raw and Cured hides/pelts. There are too many pages that they all could just be merged. The same also goes to birches and so on. Raw and Cooked Wolf meats (Currently separated pages) could be merged into "Wolf meat" where raw and cooked parts will be explained in.

If everything is alright with this, I am gonna do some work on it. Reply back within 12-24 hours. Many thanks.

EDIT: Some pages also need some merge too. For example, we got "Rifle Ammunition" and "Rifle Round". I mean, the rifle round page could be merged under "Rifle Ammunition".
• 9/22/2017
Combining the cooked and raw articles makes perfect sense, but I still think a "Fish" page would be good to have as well, with general info that applies to all fish (rather than just repeating that info on each fish's page), and a list of each fish in the game. The individual fish pages should be for info specific to that fish.

Notable information for the fish page: Acquired in fishing huts with fishing tackle but not open water; fish are inefficient with very low cal/kg rates but cooking reduces weight by 35% without losing calories, unlike other meats; and most importantly, cooking fish gives you Kerosene, very valuable information for people in long games.
• 11/1/2017
I went ahead and merged the raw/cooked fish pages and was able to merge the page histories as well.
• 12/30/2017
Sorry for the late reply, but I'd like to suggest also merging the raw and cooked versions of Rabbit, Venison and Wolf Meat.

Doesn't make much sense to have a single page for fish, black bear meat and moose meat, but not for those 3 other pages, in my opinion :)
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