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• 8/17/2017

Lake Gunshots - Alternative ending? Karma?

Hi, I was playing in the story mode, when i complete the mission name in the title (I chose to steal the bullets) i notice that the poor girl was dead and she left me a... not very friendly note in his cabin. My question is, if i would have avoided stealing, will she be alive in the morning? Or would die anyway? I'm thinking in redo the second chapter while I wait for the third, and I really would not mind doing the mission again in order to get a better ending, is it worth it?

Also, i considered that the final line that she give in the letter must be somehow of 'shadow' of a future 'Karma'? Besides trust, do you think there will be decisions that will change the story? Or affect his development? With the third chapter comes a new protagonist, perhaps she introduces us to a new style of game or a more advanced mode where each mission and how to effect it changes the path.
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• 8/17/2017
I did the alternative ending. Unfortunately the game glitched, so I could never finish the "check on the cabin again tomorrow" part of the quest (I could go inside the cabin, but there was no note). Man, was I mad. It seems other people on the Hinterland forums had the same issue.
• 8/17/2017
Okay, thanks for the advice.
• 8/20/2017
When I selected 'Take Ammo' I didn't understand that I was stealing it. I thought they were giving it to me as a thank you for bringing the supplies. I was really surprised when I found the dead body, and the note saying I had stolen from them.
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