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• 8/10/2017

I am thinking to adopt The Long Dark wikia. I need your opinions!

Hello people and editors. How are you?

Recently, Pinkachu has brought up an important topic regarding this wikia. To your surprise and my surprise, this wikia currently has NO bureaucrats! Maybe there are bureaucrats but it's clear that they abandoned this wikia to our hands. There are no active admins either, it's pretty much left with no manager and at mercy to vandalisers and any other possible problems.

I sent an application that my intention is to adopt this wikia and make it the best possible. That means I am accepting to have HUGE responsibility of this wikia and make sure everything goes smoothly and alright!

However, I am not very very active editor (I am active user but not editing a lot and not a lot everyday) and there are already active editors in this wikia. I have edited a lot on This is the police and Watch Dogs wikia, so don't get me wrong!

According to adoption guidelines, since we got ACTIVE editors, I need your opinions as I do not want to go behind your backs!

Are you alright with me adopting this wikia? Do you trust me to do that? If not, would you like to adopt this wikia? We need active bureaucrats and admins, someone has to adopt this wikia but remember: A huge responsibility comes up.

Please reply as soon as you can! Something must be done. I hope you will have all a great day.
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• 8/11/2017
I have no objections. I definitely agree that the wiki needs admins etc.

I do not currently have the time to adopt the wiki myself - I'm happy just contributing as an editor.
• 8/11/2017
I'm new here but it would be great to have an active admin. And since Story Mode has come out, it would be important to have one. :)
• 8/11/2017
My biggest concern is the way you interact with other editors.
I see that on the Watchdog wiki you had to be asked by the admin to tone it down following this: "If you don't understand what we are saying, then you don't know English. Please, stop editing in this wiki. You spreaded enough cancer in this wiki already, thanks."

There is also this:

Here on the Long Dark Wiki, you have said in an edit summary, "No need for that crap citation needed. Unless you have eye problems, you will see that name everywhere."

Your choice of language seems at times unprofessional and needlessly harsh. This wiki relies heavily on the contributions of first time or un-registered users, who sometimes just need a bit of coaching to develop into good editors. We need to make sure these users are not discouraged so that hopefully they stay a while.
• 8/11/2017
Yeah.. I had my issues back then, I can admit on that one. But did I use such tone ever again? Here? Anywhere? No, because I understood my mistake after leghty talk with Chris6d who is the bureaucrat of that wikia. You can also ask him if I can be trusted on important things.

On the second thought, EVEN if I get bureaucrat (If no one else here wants to take such responsibility), I will still get monitored by the wikia staff. They are here for a reason. Taking bureaucrat, not only takes huge responsibility but puts you on probationary position if you can be trusted in that position.

If you do not want me to become bureaucrat, would you willingly take the role please? This wikia needs bureaucrat soon. Without bureaucrat, this wikia cannot stay alive without a real person managing it. Now, my words may not be enough and you may not trust me but I will not allow myself to throw such insults ever again (Particularly if I did back at WD wikia) because we are talking about a VERY serious position with a LOT responsibility. I can only assure you that I can have a wikia staff monitoring my attitude if you are concerned about my attitude. Pinkachu is here, she sees everything.

Now, back to the question. Do YOU want me to be bureaucrat, albeit a PROBATIONARY position? Probationary as in, if I really can do it, if my attitude fits in, if my works fit it. Of course, if I over-step or do something that offends you, you can always complain to the wikia staff (Pinkachu) and have her remove me from bureaucracy position. I just need your answer, we can not postpone the "election" for bureaucracy further and further, this wikia needs serious changes and overhauls and ONLY a bureaucrat can do that as he/she has the most powers.

So if you are okay with me becoming bureaucrat, say so in a "Yes". If not, say so "No" but we need someone to become bureaucrat. If you can be bureaucrat, sure! I will let the wikia staff member know about it. If not, I don't see any other choice.

My only promise is, though, implement my PLANS and be more serious than ever. WD2 issue was dealt by the manager already. My words may not be enough to have you trust me but that's your decision to input opinion.

Awaiting for your response.
• 8/11/2017
When George first started out, he may have been a bit aggressive as Velonews pointed out, but since then, he has improved and become a wonderful user, leaving all the negative aspects behind. Despite me not being active on this wiki, I have seen George's behavior and methods improve greatly on other wikis, and feel that George would do an excellent job if he were to become admin here, so it's a yes from me.
• 8/11/2017
Alright! That's what I needed to hear. Thanks Chris and George! No objections here.
• 8/11/2017
I will not dissapoint you.

So far the votes are:

4 - YES
0 - NO

The voting will stay for few days.
• 8/11/2017
Since it was brought up, I will clarify my status here on this community. Part of my assignments include temporarily assisting communities of currently popular game releases or expansions with design and content. If the community does not have an active admin, I attempt to find someone who we then have to determine is both suitable and the best choice for the role. If we can find two or more willing to take the roles and work together for the benefit of the wiki.... even better.

We do not 'babysit' admins to make sure they behave themselves. We prefer to let the community settle issues themselves and not intervene unless it becomes necessary to do so. That said, users and admins are always welcome to contact us with questions and concerns. If this game continues to be popular, it is very likely I will be back to assist with future updates and episodes.
• 8/12/2017
That's understandable. You got good points.
• 8/19/2017
I have no objections of George to become admin of this Wikia and congrats once again on getting your admin privileges.

About my inactivity. Spring was quite quiet and June even more quiet. In July I went on my summer vacation, travelling around the world and sometimes I had no internet access for days. I was checking on my email when I could and saw the message of Pinkachu but couldn't reply to it and decided to come back to it later, after vacation. It would have been really nice to get some writing on the wall about this adaptation, so I could get an email about this as well.

Anyways, while I have been following the progress of the game, I haven't played it for a really long time so I couldn't make objective decisions on somebody's edits of the things that came after my time. Your input will be appreciated and welcome to The Long Dark wikia!
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