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• 7/31/2017

The Long Dark Film Adaptation

Have you seen this yet? Thoughts?
'Resident Evil' Producer Developing 'The Long Dark' Film
'Resident Evil' Producer Developing 'The Long Dark' Film The Hollywood Reporter
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• 8/1/2017
The short they put out was pretty true to the game. It had some iconic locations like The Riken and the Raven Falls Trestle, some of the important in-game items like the flare and distress pistol, and most importantly, Pinnacle Peaches.
• 8/5/2017
I'm really hoping they use the in-game locations. I'd love to see Mystery Lake, Pleasant Valley, Timberwolf Mountain, Coastal Highway, and Desolation Point come to life.
• 8/9/2017
It's really interesting, but I hope the creators/developers finish season one of the story before they divide their attention between the game and other related projects.
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