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• 7/29/2017

Navigation dropdown menu update

The navigation menu at [[MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation]] should probably be updated to reflect the most important and useful pages. This version I made updates the "Gameplay" submenu and adds an "Items" submenu.

*The Long Dark
***First aid
***Survival skills

***Coastal Highway
***Desolation Point
***Forlorn Muskeg
***Mystery Lake (region)|Mystery Lake
***Pleasant Valley
***Timberwolf Mountain

***Food and drink
***Gear repair

***Astrid Greenwood
***Will Mackenzie
***Jack Mackenzie
***Marie Mackenzie

***Time of day

***The Long Dark/Gallery|Gallery
***The Long Dark/Changelog|Changelog
***Hinterland Games

*Project:Community Portal|Community
**Blog:Recent_posts|Recent blog posts
**The Long Dark Wiki:About|About
**The Long Dark Wiki:Administrators#Who_are_this_wiki.27s_administrators.3F|Administrators
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• 8/9/2017
Could we also add the Mountain Town region to the regions section? I've already started adding it to the Locations template.
***Mountain Town
• 8/9/2017
I saw a link to "Milton House' on the Mountain Town page. Is that different from Grey Mother's House (which already has a page)?
• 8/9/2017
Also, I finished the 'write up' of episode 1 and I'm working on finishing episode 2. I used my own play-through up until I got to Milton but with a few deaths from wolves along the way, was taking too long to get into the wiki, so I started using the play-through of other fans. Please feel free to update, link-up or correct those pages. I didn't have the ability to look at my own maps beyond Milton, so I probably have details missing. I also figured players will want to discover some things for themselves, so I tried not to be overly detailed either. :)
• 8/9/2017
'Milton House' is the in-game name for the house, but it seems several users (me included!) are creating different pages and links for the same thing.

I've just played through to the Prison Bus so I could check the names of all the locations.
• 8/10/2017
As Sashamorning pointed out, we should put Broken Railroad on the region submenu as well.
We should probably add/delete from the characters submenu to only the relevant characters from ep 1 and ep 2.
• 8/10/2017
Thanks for renaming the page. If you find others, merging and redirecting would be a good idea (if you haven't yet, of course).
• 8/10/2017
I agree with all of this. I'm gradually checking and adding the stubs for other Milton locations, so hopefully we won't have any more duplicates.
• 8/10/2017
Velonews - I added Broken Railroad. I'm not sure what the submenu size/length limits are yet on our new header but it seems to be much better than our old one.
• 8/10/2017
@Woodgreener and Velonews, you might not be aware that George Chalkais has requested Adminship on this community. I have asked that (per our guidelines) he create a blog or Discussion regarding their intent to adopt. I am curious to know if either of you were interested in it as well. You are welcome to post your concerns or interest on the adoption page, or wait for George Chalkias to do as I requested.
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