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• 7/10/2016


me and alot if of other people want multiplayer im the long dark.

we do not need 16 or 32 player servers just 1-4 coop servers are awesome and all those time scale problems can be solved really easy just do like the game blockheads for ipad.

if i need to sleep on a coop server with 2 other players and i start to sleep then just skip the fastforward untill all other players do something that can start the fastforward.

if we will get this coop feature then we need more stuff spawning and interaction between the player whuld be nice to see

for example if i broke my leg 1-2 friends can carry me or if 4 of us are outside during a blizzard if we get really close we can get cover from the wind like pinguins or (dark things here) or if 1 of my friends die i can harvest him/her.

but if one of my friends die maybe i can revive my friend with a emrg sim? or if my friend are dead forever then i can maybe "call" him/her in with a flaregun or call in a supplydrop with the flaregun?

plz add that to the game flargun calls in supplydrops ammo/food/medical/gun? anything.

i hope you understand what i wrote here and that you want to support this idea so we can play together with our friends.

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• 7/11/2016

Idk if this is the right place to make this thread...

As far i know, the wikia was made for the community.

Idk if there is any dev or hinterland's person and i dont think so.

On the other hand, Multiplayer/Coop system, is not on the vision of Hinterland for now. They want to finish the game first.

They are working in a singleplayer survival game. Maybe, and just maybe. Another version of The Long Dark, could support multiplayer, but we are talking about low probability.

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