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• 1/5/2016

Need help creating the Tail Section page, please

Will someone please add this text to create the page "Tail Section" under Timberwolf Mountain? I'm using the Edge browser in W10 and I cannot see my text nor are there any controls for posting the edit. Thanks!
Tail Section
At the end of a long series of rope climbs into the upper reaches of Timberwolf Mountain is Summit, on which rests the Tail Section, a major portion of the scattered remains of the plane crash that stranded you in the Long Dark. The Tail Section is shielded from the wind so you can start a fire there, essential because it gets extremely cold at this altitude, particularly in the morning or when the wind is blowing hard. It contains a number of Cargo Containers that can supply you with nearly every kind of item found elsewhere in the game. Emptying the containers results in well over 100kg of materiel so it takes quite a few days to loot it completely, since the rappel up to Summit drains around half your Fatigue and many rests are required.

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