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• 1/4/2016

Item Locations

With the maps expanding even further, is it still appropriate to list under the items themselves the possible spawn points?

Would it be more appropriate to list them with each map?

Or each location?

Example: Instead of listing every posssible rilfe location under the item RIFLE, list all the possible rifle locations in Mystery Lake under MYSTERY LAKE.

I just think item descriptions are getting a bit cluttered with item locations is all...

Maybe a separate item page for probable spawns on each map?


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• 1/27/2016

I don't think the location for items is needed except for really rare ones. If there's no way to make the list inside of an article collapsed as default, moving it to it's own page would be preferred. Of course, this will create additional redirects and new pages to maintain. The perfect way of dealing with this would be a map where you can turn on/off layers for specific items and it will show you locations.

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