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• 12/10/2015

Some words about current infobxes

I am not pointing at anybody, just noticed a mistake(or was it intentional?) in infobox use.

In this example the |item type -value was changed from "clothing" to "Clothing" and after the change it has lost it's link. On the other "CLothing" is correct since it is the name of the category. However, parameter "|item type" was designed to display link to relative category when used one of the predefined values. If the value is not in the list, it won't appear as a link. Summary: for infobox the value "clothing" was more correct.

List of other predefined values for "|item type": clothing, food, drink, first aid, tool, material, other. The list can be found not only in the source of the infobox template but also in the description of the Template:Infobox/Item or directly from Template:Infobox/Item/doc along with other useful information and all the available parameters.

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• 12/10/2015

I think I understand.  On a related note: most of the clothing items use the infobox/item, but some use an infobox/clothing. Also, I notice there is an infobox/tool.  And I remember talk about building a new infobox template.

Correct me if I'm wrong but, we probably should be migrating every item to use only one universal infobox then with the defined sub-categories from your list: clothing, tool, food, fuel, drink, material, first aid, or other.  Once complete, all others (e.g. infobox/clothing and infobox/tool) would be removed as they would no longer have purpose.  Yes?

I won't be around next week, but would like to deposit more item informations after that, hopefully before they drop the story mode.  Thank you for your diligence and for keeping this valuable tool working for us. 

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