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• 12/7/2015

Data Goldmine

Discovered this on steamforums:

A lot of good data.  And its tabulated.  I'll ask originator if we can use it. 

But also, could we alter our item templates to include all of his data points?  I don't really know how or even if it is easy, but when I think of computers I think of databases and I think this would work well.


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• 12/8/2015

Good find, Unselfless; kudos for sharing. A big thanks to beowolfen for the information and letting us use it on the wiki. We'll provide the appropriate citations (of course).

Yes, it would be good to include this data in the infobox templates. I'm not too familiar with editing these infoboxes, but Hlymzik may be able to help.

• 12/10/2015

That's a lot of data in these tables. It is possible to add as many parameters to our infoboxes as you wish, but they'll grow big if all the data included. If, by "item templates" you meant infoboxes? I'll try to reserve some time to finish the draft of our portable infobox this weekend.

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